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Why do people create robots?

Robots are also utilised in companies to produce items such as automobiles, food, and technology. Robots are being utilised in medical, military tactics, underwater item detection, and the exploration of distant planets. Robotic technology has aided persons who have lost limbs or arms. Bots are an excellent means of assisting humanity.


STEM is a shorthand for sciences, tech, engineering, and math. Because there are too few college students seeking degrees in these subjects, discussion of STEM-related programmes has emerged as a presidential priority.


To become a pioneer within the field of robotics, both as a rising education provider and as a cutting-edge research school producing important solutions Automation products To educate and excite young minds about revolutionary robotic technology that will enhance its creativity and engineering abilities. To motivate and empower students to develop their robotic abilities, to inspire creativity in team environments, and to develop
their team skills and leadership.


The objective is to do coordinated multidisciplinary research on all aspects of current robotics, including non-technical issues. To ensure that a quality robotics education is offered in order to remove the prevalent technical illiteracy in robotics, and to ensure that this robotics education is affordable to everyone, including the last citizen.


1) Training in Expertise
We possess the most experienced trainers in the city, working with over 2000 pupils each year. Have your kids trained by trainers with at least 5 years of expertise.
2) Learning Concepts
RLRA provides Robotics Training, which encompasses all of the 21st Century skills essential for your child’s development. Many students use our multi- dimensional training to communicate across numerous technologies in order to achieve their passion.
3) Problem Solving in Real Life Our training session helps to enhance the realistic approach to real-world challenges. This encourages your children’s problem- solving abilities and creativity.

RLRA offers four levels of training to develop into a YOUNG ROBOTIC ENGINEER

basic electronics, robot construction, augmented reality and virtual reality

robot construction, programming,3d printing,IOT, artificial inteligence
Machine learning, Advanced robotics, Drone construction and programming
Advanced electronics and Raspberry-pi robot


I've learned a lot of new topics, and they're all fascinating. I also get to build a robot, which is extremely exciting. I truly enjoy this class, and it has helped me more than I could have imagined. I am happy with RLRA

Kishan mukundh SAN academy

It is supporting my dream to be a engineer, and my robotics instructor is instructing me very well. I have learnt a lot of new things, such as building kits and using components, and I enjoy that they are teaching me more than I had anticipated. I am happy with RLRA

Ryan josh dev SAN academy

I discovered a lot of fascinating new information that will be very useful to me in the future. I enjoy putting together things like vehicles, fans, and touch sensor lights. I am happy with RLRA

Dawnelle Jessica SAN academy

I enjoy taking stem classes because we learn a lot of new information and do amazing experiments. I am happy with RLRA.

Muffadal motani MSB school

I enjoy STEM classes because we learn how other gadgets function and find it fascinating to understand how to use them. The instructors also make it seem extremely simple. I am happy with RLRA.

Aliasgas .m.malwa MSB school

I enjoy STEM classes because they teach us about fresh experiments and new components that enable us to conduct innovative explorations and better understand how things work. I am happy with RLRA.

Husain .a . Kapadia MSB school

I've taken more than five robotics classes, all of which were engaging and in which I learned a great deal about electronics and robotics. I really loved the sessions since they were presented in a way that made it simple for me to understand. I am happy with RLRA.

Janani Shree shanthi anand Vidyalaya

I learned a lot about electronics and robotics via this session; it was really educational and will be helpful to put into practice in the future. There are no concerns about the professors; they are quite friendly and extraordinarily skilled. I am happy with RLRA.

Dorathishri Shree shanthi anand Vidyalaya

I believe that learning about robotics at this time in my life is a tremendous opportunity for me. I also truly enjoy this programme, and the instructors are helping me to develop my skills. I am happy with RLRA.

S. sibi dharshan Shree shanthi anand Vidyalaya

This class is excellent. I gain a lot of knowledge about technology and practical applications for it. I am happy with RLRA.

J.jagan Shree shanthi anand Vidyalaya
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Who we are?

Robbotix Lab Research Academy is fast growing educational services based Academy, which primarily focuses on providing advanced technology based curriculum, software and services to school students. Our Academy offers basic and advanced technology courses for the students, which helps the students to enter the technical world. We have dedicated and experienced faculty members, and our curriculum is designed such that, students will do more activities, practical based projects and experiments. We trained more than 3000 numbers of students in various private schools, with a unique curriculum design, which covers from the basics to advanced, so that the student can unlock their potential to build the world of tomorrow.

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